About Us

Aurium Capital Markets (‘Aurium’)

Founded in 2011, Aurium is an award winning, leading mid-market investment house, providing its investors with access to innovative opportunities across several asset classes, most notably renewable energy.

Aurium specialises in managing risk without compromising yields and is able to finance transactions where size, complexity, knowledge or speed of decision-making are crucial to achieving attractive returns without compromising asset security. Aurium is uniquely placed in the market to capitalise on opportunities.

Investment structures can involve debt, hybrid or equity positions, depending on the particular situation. However, investors typically participate through the provision of debt finance, with direct access to a security interest in an underlying asset.

Investments have low correlation with equity and bond markets, which can be attractive in turbulent times.

We are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our expertise lies in:
  • Analysis

    Analysing opportunities, anomalies and distortions in underlying markets for price arbitrages which result in an enhanced risk/reward position

  • Structuring

    Structuring bespoke investments for a limited number of sophisticated investors

  • Assets

    Sourcing opportunities that are: yield-based, secured (ie asset-backed), non-correlated to listed equity or debt markets