Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an increasingly large and important part of the infrastructure and alternative asset market. The combination of government climate change targets and rising profitability of renewables, amongst other things, has raised the interest in and attraction of sustainable investments.

Whilst the basic concept and rationale are widely acknowledged and well understood, the investment decision itself can often be very difficult without expertise, requiring a detailed understanding of issues such as technology, real estate, financial structuring, operations, tax, incentives. Aurium acts as a trusted partner to ensure the sourcing of quality projects, rigorous analysis and seamless execution.

There are several areas in which we are active:

  • Solar


    A reasonably mature part of the renewables market. To date Aurium has focused on construction phase finance, and using our structuring and analytical expertise to deliver a product that is both beneficial for developers and attractive to investors. We have financed the construction of a number of ground-mounted solar PV projects in the UK on this basis, and continue to do so

  • Biomass


    Biomass is a term that potentially encapsulates many things. The areas that we tend to focus on are:

    • Construction phase finance for waste to energy assets;
    • Provision of finance for waste to energy assets that are either pre-operational, or operational but requiring investment in order to address clearly identified inefficiencies;
    • Construction phase finance for anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Wind


    Whilst also a mature part of the renewables market, this is a relatively new asset class for Aurium. Construction phase finance can be considered, but the prime focus is on aggregating portfolios of operational on-shore assets.

  • Energy Storage

    Energy Storage

    Energy storage, frequency response and grid support services are new areas of focus for investors, but are of great relevance and importance to renewables as a reliable and sustainable energy source. Various entry points to this market are being actively considered.