Other Asset Classes

Other Asset Classes

Whilst Aurium’s core asset class is renewable energy, it also offers innovative, bespoke solutions to meet specific client requests, or if attractive opportunities arise.

In addition to in house expertise, the team collaborates and partners with highly respected industry experts with proven track record in many sectors. Consequently, there is a broad range of deal capability, as illustrated below.

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    Asset-Based Transactions

    • Development or bridge financing secured on UK residential real estate
    • Provision of short term liquidity in order to facilitate the structured purchase of an asset
    • Warehousing of assets to address client regulatory issues
    • Provision of short term secured capital
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    Private Equity

    Whilst not a core focus, Aurium will consider private equity investments if appropriate. For example, Aurium worked with Brightstar Capital to put together, execute and finance a management-led buyout of a market leading visual merchandise manufacturer, Proportion London Ltd, who are the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of retail mannequins, bust forms and display accessories